Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stupidest Effing Guy on the Planet Loses Title

We all owe Douglas Feith an Apology
From The Daily Doubter

'Whatever [Douglas] Feith may achieve during the remainder of his life and whatever epitaph he chooses for inscription on his gravestone, history will remember him as "the stupidest fucking guy on the planet."' - Andrew Bacevitch, The Limits of Power

After watching Friday's episode of the Glenn Beck program, I have to conclude that history is being unfair to Feith. Glenn Beck is the stupidest fucking guy on the planet. Because during the show, Beck said that Henry Ford was of the American heroes who stood up against the liberal progressive happy face fascism of F.D.R.

Ok, let's walk through this. F.D.R. headed up the war efforts against the Nazis during World War II. Henry Ford did everything he possibly could to prevent the United States from fighting the Nazis because he was a fan of the Nazi regime. Henry Ford was awarded and accepted the highest medal that Germany bestowed upon foreigners in 1938. The Ford factories in Europe helped build the Nazi war machine. The rabidly anti-Semitic paper that Ford published helped inspire the Holocaust and popularized the notorious Protocols of Zion.

But in Beck's warped, alternate universe, Henry Ford is anti-fascist because he didn't like the New Deal - see here for Dave Neiwert's debunking of Beck's previous invocation of Ford as anti-fascist champion - while the guy who actually headed up the government while it fought and defeated the fascists is a fascist. Here's a clue for the eternally clueless Beck: we actually had fascists in America during the New Deal - and some of them were opposed to it precisely because they were fascists.

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