Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teabaggin' - Thank Christ it's Almost Over

Leser on the Tea Parties: 'These tax day tea parties are a sham and a fraud'
By John Amato
Steve Leser, the Editor of OpEdNews, was on the Neil Cavuto show and made a few fairly accurate statements about the Tax Day Tea Parties that FOX News is taking an active interest in promoting -- and, some might say, financing and orchestrating.
FBN's Stuart Varney is the guest host and talks out of the side of his neck like a snake oil salesmen selling magic elixirs and potions.

Leser: These tax day tea parties are a sham and a fraud. They are being presented as this organic, grassroots movement...

Varney: Wait a minute. That's a very, very strong language to use. I read your piece . Is the 2 trillion dollar deficit this administration has rung up. Is that a sham and a fraud?. Are you dismissing this out of hand like it doesn't exist?

Leser: Absolutely. In terms of the deficit, we have an economic crisis going on that this administration inherited from the previous republican administration.

Varney: Wait, you're dismissing the these people as fraudulent --

Leser: I'm dismissing the fraud, the protest. That's absolutely correct ...

Leser: I'm insulting the way the movement is being portrayed. It is a sham. The way this movement is being portrayed is a sham and a fraud. It's not an organic grassroots movement like it's being portrayed. There's ten Republican think tanks, heavily funded by top Republican corporations and headed by people like Dick Armey and Steve Forbes. Those are the people who have created and organized this so-called grass-roots movement.

Varney: You're insulting people. More here

The Peasant Mentality Lives on in America - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
This must be a terrible time to be a right-winger. A vicious paradox has been thrust upon the once-ascendant conservatives. On the one hand they are out of power, and so must necessarily rail against the Obama administration. On the other hand they have to vilify, as dangerous anticapitalist activity, the grass-roots protests against the Geithner bailouts and the excess of companies like AIG. That leaves them with no recourse but to dream up wholesale lunacies along the lines of Glenn Beck’s recent “Fascism With a Happy Face” rants, which link the protesting “populists” and the Obama adminstration somehow and imagine them as one single nefarious, connected, ongoing effort to install a totalitarian regime. More here

Very Serious Question
From Bob Cesca
Have the tea baggers secured the proper permits? You know, for their revolution?
(The Sons of Liberty didn't ask permission.)

Tea Bagger Fail of the Day
Tbogg delivers a Tea Bagger epic fail worthy of the Fail Hall of Fame.
It's a beatiful thing.

Ass Troturfing
The last time we saw Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, he was participating in Glenn Beck's insane "War Room" episode during which he helped to game out Beck's paranoid delusions. And the next day, Colbert discredited the whole ridiculous event -- right in front of Moore's smirky face.
Somehow being a laughing stock on both FOX News and Comedy Central hasn't prevented Moore from appearing on Hardball where he lied about the tea bag parties:
This really isn't something that's being driven, a) by the Republican Party, or b) by the national conservative groups. You gotta give credit where credit is due on this Chris, it really is a genuine kind of grassroots thing that kind of just spontaneously combusted around the country.
Lies. FOX News Channel, which could be considered a national conservative group, is promoting the tea baggers. FreedomWorks, a national conservative lobby, is funding the tea baggers. Fine -- whatever floats their boat. But don't say it's grassroots when it's clearly astroturfing of the highest order.

From The Rude Pundit
A Few More Notes Regarding the Tea Party Protests:

1. This doesn't seem quite right: The "Teabag Obama" blog offers "Proper Teabagging Instructions." And there's about ten things wrong there.

2. The same blog, which is just a damned funny read, says, helpfully and with no sense of irony, "Teabagging is for everyone." The Rude Pundit agrees. Sweet Jesus, he agrees.

3. The list of suggested signs for the events contains this call to violence: "Tea Party Today: Tar and Feathers Tomorrow."

4. Some of the truly awesome signs that have actually been held at various anti-tax protests:

Did someone ask that old white lady if George Bush also supported "unconstitutional, anti-Christ, socialism, federal deficit spending programs"?Ah, fuck this. Fuck the puns and the mocking. It's just too fucking depressing. Somewhere, Karl Marx is laughing his bearded ass off. Because what is this but classic exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie? It's a bunch of rich fucks, beginning with that tool Rick Santelli on CNBC and ending with the slavering profitmongers at Fox "news," making the poor idiots, who are desperate from fear of or actual job loss and heath insurance loss and home loss, do their bidding. Look at the people attending. Bedraggled Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin wannabes, clinging to the image of those who create the illusion of the working class without the work or the class. Ignorance is such bliss, man.This movement's gonna die a horribly gruesome death. It really is just the last hideous gasps of a kind of right wing populism that's got nothing to do with actual populism and everything to do with a desperate scrabbling to preserve the status quo for the wealthy. It's ideological endgame, motherfuckers, and the checkmate ain't gonna be pretty.


  1. Reminds me of an argument I had a with a former friend I grew up with, who is now very well off, and how he felt he was paying too much in taxes while I wasn't paying enough. I thought it funny that having to share an apartment with my sister, overburdened with student loan debt, driving a truck that's about to fall apart, and can't afford a new vehicle if it does, should be paying more. Keep in mind I also work 40 hours a week as a full time manager. Yet, he felt I wasn't spending my money wisely and that's why. He sent me an awful video hosted by Drew Carey that showed all these "working class poor" people with giant houses and big boats, all saying they managed to get all this stuff with meager wages. So it's all the poor people's fault.

    As far as I'm concerned, if someone makes $40 million a year and $39 million is taxed and this person can't live on a $1 million a year, then then it's THEM who can't manage their money.

  2. Oops for some reason the above comment posted to the wrong article. Was trying to post under the tax code wealth redistribution article.