Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anti-Education Intentionally Dumbs Down Americans

by Heidi Stevenson
Something is deeply wrong in America and the world. It's as if the vast majority of people have given up. Given up caring. Given up thinking. Given up common sense. Given up everything but gluttony. Even in the face of economic meltdown, the focus of government and most people seems to be only to get back to the seeming normality of borrowing and spending.
But why? What has brought us to such a state? Could it have just "happened"? Or was it intentional? To call it intentional, it's necessary to demonstrate planning. Fortunately, John Taylor Gatto, who was once named Teacher of the Year in both New York City and New York State, has explained what happened, when it started, and why.
Let's ask who benefits when the great mass of people becomes compliant, unable to think, unable to entertain themselves, and interested only in possessions. The answer is simple: corporations. When the mass of children are forced to go through a system that destroys creativity and rewards group-think, they are prepared to fill their predestined roles in a lockstep workforce and unthinking consumption corps.
What It All Means
Today, there is so little critical thinking that almost anything can be sold. In the arena of health, its now possible for purported research to make claims that vitamins are unhealthy. And people believe it! Immunisation programs that cause death for diseases that carry little harm to healthy people, such as RotaTeq for gastroenteritis in children. And parents rush out to have their children innoculated! Agribusiness pig growers destroy entire watersheds, even to the point of creating dead zones in the ocean. And hardly anyone cares.

This is what has been wrought by our anti-education school system. We are seeing what happens when a populace has been so dumbed-down and made compliant that the only thing they're capable of doing is shop.
"Shop 'til you drop" has another, far more sinister meaning than usually intended. We're in the early stages of a rapidly accelerating collapse of civilization—all brought on by a population so blind and compliant it couldn't see the obvious: What can't continue won't continue.

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