Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Weirdest Repressed Republican Sexual Outing Yet!

Republican Yiffing - By John Amato

Isn't it always the same. An anti-gay Republican zealot getting caught up in a bizarre and tragic sex act. Some things never change.

I never heard of Yiffing before, but I did see it discussed on an episode of CSI:
Episode 406 Fur and Loathing

Anyway, I have nothing against two consenting adult Yiffers, but Howie Klein found a rather disturbing Republican Yiffing story.

Jane Orie is a far right extremist, an anti-choice fanatic and the Republican majority whip of the Pennsylvania state Senate. She represents a backward district north of Pittsburgh. And if you'd guess that she's obsessed with sex and is a virulent and hysterical homophobe you'd be correct.
Friday she fired one of her top aides, Alan David Berlin. The report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is almost funny if it weren't so tragically Republican. It starts off like typical GOP fare-- another Republican closet case solicits sex from a young boy (15 years old) online. But then it gets really strange.

In a series of instant messages and online chats, Alan David Berlin, 40, of Carlisle, discussed dressing up in animal costumes and engaging in various sex acts with the boy, the state attorney general's office said yesterday...read on

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