Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cost of Healthcare Reform... um, Bribes

By Tegrain via Mock Paper Scissors
So what does it cost the lobbyists to buy Senators? Who knew that you could buy a Senator for as little as $160,000? Olympia, we’ve already established your morals, we’re just quibbling over the price.
These are the contributions that the so-called Gang of Six have received over the years from the insurance companies and big pharma. And these are the Senators who are striving to find a compromise for healthcare reform.

Just as a side note, the percentage of the population that these 6 Senators allegedly represent, total, amounts to 2.74% of the US.
Call Senator Snowe today: (202) 224-5344
Tell her that we want a public option, not some bullshit co-op or "trigger" that will do something (probably nothing) in the future. Public Option now. The medical industrial complex are not her constituents, we are. She works for us, not them. Give her a call and remind her who she works for. It's easy. Just dial the effin' phone!

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