Monday, July 27, 2009

I Guess We Know Who Really Runs This Country

Corporations. The Public Option is off the table. As per the Senate Finance Committee statement this afternoon. The Healthcare Industrial Complex has won. They own our government. I will struggle through another winter of no asthma medicine or Doctor visits for my lung problems. I am a single father with two teenagers. Almost 5 years ago, I started my own business so I could stay close to my kids and at least make a good go at paying my bills. One bill I could not afford was the $1,100.00/ month insurance payment for healthcare. I tried to get some help and they laughed me out of the office. I made too much money. But I do not make that much money. I have kids to take care of. The single parent's dilemma. So congress has caved to private interests and tons of cash for re-election. Holy mother of God. If there were ever a torches and pitchforks moment this is it.

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