Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Corporate Rule

IF we do NOT get a public option in this environment of all dem controlled house, senate and potus - then we will never get a public option, or a labor bill, or a finance regulatory reform bill, or stop the wars, or win any progressive battle. We'll give the keys to our country to the multi-national corporations that have bought and own our democratic process and the thugs that run the corporate owned media.

A very prescient movie, Rollerball, was produced in 1975 - a post-apocryphal future where corporations run the world. Here's a summary:

Here's another clip where the CEO of "Energy" (there are no longer countries or presidents) tells Jonathon E, the greatest Rollerballer ever, that he needs to retire because they don't want the people to start thinking they actually have any power as individuals .... sound familiar? You'll have to turn this one way up to hear it, but it is WAAAY worth it.

So Jon thinks about it.... and tells the corporations to pound sand, fuck off, and generally forget about controlling him.

So they ramp up the pressure, making the game more and more dangerous thinking he would get killed... but, Jonathon E is the last man standing.. much to the chagrin of the ruling class.. well, how many Jonathon E's are there out there today? Obama? Is he up to the task? I am Jonathon E. Are you?



  1. Ack! That's awesome. I love sci-fi politics because they are so real! Obama's healthcare deathpanels would pull the plug on Moonpie!

    You can be Jonathon E. I wanna be the corporate guy that was in charge of the liquid computer bank!

  2. Thanks Doctor, I think we got the Moonpie clause removed because there were too many moonbats kicking up too much moondust and the noise was unbearable.