Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Would Personally Like to Dope Slap Every One of These Assholes

Especially Lie-berman

Fox furthers ‘death panel’ hysteria with ‘death book’ claim

Lieberman: Recession no time to worry about health care reform

McCain to Obama: Drop public health care option

GOP congressman supports ‘proud right-wing terrorist’


  1. Good old Joe...I was wondering when Hadassah was going to send him out to earn that Big Pharma cheddar.


  2. Hey - Darkblack - good to hear from you. it's amazing that they are slowly releasing the high-end assholes to cover their sorry asses. Man -

    Oh - your site rocks and I am always there. I have absconded with more than one of your pics but referenced always... Thanks! -g

  3. Lieberman escaped what was coming to him by the hair on his ass after the election didn't fall in McCain's favor....and this is the thanks he gives? Can Alec Baldwin beat this guy in 2012?