Thursday, September 3, 2009

Atlas Farted

by Brady Bonk
via KIAV
(yep - that's Ayn Rand)

Among the many entries in my gratitude journal, were I to actually keep one, the following is up near the top: I am thankful that Ayn Rand’s vile influence did not ruin me.

I read the Atlas Shrugged when I was like 12 or something. What can I say. Dagny Taggart was hot. I think this is the way it happens for a lot of these Robbie Goulds walking around out there. I think they read the Atlas Shrugged, I think they pop a boner over Dagny Taggart, and, in that highly suggestible state, I think they take in all of Ayn Rand’s bullshit as truth.

A caller on the Ed Schultz Show this afternoon reminded me of this. He was whimpering on the phone about how “government-run” health care paid for by others was “immoral.” Rand’s “philosophy” permeates throughout, hiding its acidic, destructive nature.

Understand this: When you put your trust in the ideas of Ayn Rand, you are trusting the ideas of a person who thought that if a woman were President of the United States, holding the position would wreck her psychologically. I am not making this up. Rand argues that “the essence of femininity is hero worship,” or the “desire to look up to a man.” Because the Executive is the highest office in the land, she argues, a “rational” woman would find the position of President to be “unbearable.”

(Of course, your average Robbie Gould probably is going “Yeah? So? What’s wrong with that?”)
Rand spent her formative years in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was 12 when the Romanavs’ heads rolled. The commies took her daddy’s pharmacy. So yes, of course she was destined to create a “philosophy” that essentially says that it’s okay to be an asshole.
It is ironic, though, that Rand spent an entire career railing against yet another thinker who had big ideas that looked really good on paper but never actually work in practice.
In the meantime, it is we, the liberals, who are in actuality the pragmatic thinkers; we, who have actually in reality created programs that have actually worked.

You’ve seen it just recently: “Cash for Clunkers.”
‘Clunkers’ program gives biggest boost to foreign carmakers
Clunker deals also boosted Ford and GM

Wait. I guess it wasn’t a boon to all of the car companys: Chrysler To Report 15% Drop In August Sales Due To Low Inventory

Sorry Chrysler. You snooze, you lose.

Or, more generally, from the stimulus:
U.S. Economy Gets Lift From Stimulus
Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Rose in July

It is time for the rabid free-market goons to go away. They are ruining it for the rest of us. I have said it before, and I need precious little excuse to say it again: Ayn Rand’s books should be wrapped in brown paper and kept behind the counter, not to be sold to any person younger than 35.


  1. You give no argumentation of your points, assuming that only the irrational would oppose them. Aren't you just as bad as what you accuse Rand of being? Unfounded and pretentious?

    You mock some one for saying government-run health care paid for by others is immoral. But you give no reason as to why it is a ridiculous comment. Under these laws of argumentation, I can justly mock you for saying that Ayn Rand has a vile influence, and I am instantly correct.

    From what I can see, most of your evidence is either vague references to real world events (which you claim have worked without supporting such a point) or thuggish poking at Ayn Rand's picture.

    On top of that, the fact that you end by saying there should be a restriction on intellectual freedom destroys you credibility and pushes me away. Please be more precise and clear with the point your trying to make; you say Rand is vile but you don't say why, and thus you give me no cause to agree with you.

  2. Well Brady Bonk, you are just so intelligent and all knowing, why didn't we just elect you as our messiah instead of Dear Leader Chairman Mao Bama. You are obviously so right about everything, I mean, all I can do is sit in awe of your excellency. Or did I confuse that with the smell of shit, I don't know. How could I know if Dear Leader Chairman Mao Bama hasn't told what shit smells like, or for that matter how to think, right? I should just be quiet and let you Liberals just do as you please, after all, this isn't a democracy. I need to let Dear Leader Chairman Mao Bama push the agenda he wants because democracy isn't about the people ruling their country its about following our Golorious Leader and doing what ever I can to serve him right?

  3. Vile because she advocates being selfish? Is that enough? Is this the first time youve heard this? Did you get a boner for Rand's character? Its ok.

    Can anyone take someone who says Mao Bama seriously? Im not a fan of the man myself, but come on.

  4. Why is it not vile to expect others to support you? It is an objective, rational, irrefutable FACT that man should live for his own sake. It is the only type of existence that is consistent with the axioms of Identity, Existence, and Consciousness. These axioms are necessary to accept to live life, and if you reject them, then you exist self-destructively. These are facts that Objectivism deals with - you deal with obnoxious, unfounded ranting.

    If people want to actually understand Ayn Rand's philosophy, instead of hearing the horny pre-teen version from this mindless goon, pick up her book, The Virtue of Selfishness.

  5. Wow, Brady; looks like u touched a nerve with the Dagny Taggart beat-off crowd. Now they're all embarassed & angry. Glad you outgrew Rand.

  6. So I guess that all gay men who have been inspired by Ayn Rand's writings, and Reason in general, are not subject to your "critique". That is laughable.

    You don't have to even bring Ayn Rand into the argument to understand that her core points are in support of Reality, Reason and Individualism. These points are the true nature of the universe and Man; and these are the real things that you are attacking.

    And briefly on the subject of National Health Care - No man is the slave of another, no matter how badly you want your neighbor to pay for your doctor bills.

    Charity is a completely rational way of helping those who have a need because of circumstances that befall them. It is voluntary and demonstrates more love for one's fellow man, then does forced servitude. And charity organizations have been doing it for centuries.

    A man should be free to choose if and when he offers charity, and who to be charitable towards.