Monday, September 7, 2009

Barack Obama's Labor Day Speech to the AFL-CIO

Obama Reviews Basic Rights Labor Has Won Over the Years That Many of Us Take for Granted .

The "Selective Amnesia" of the Corporate Right

Stagnant Wages and Regulation of the Financial Sector

Manufacturing Gains and Education

Health Reform (Part 1)

Labor's Not the Problem, Labor is the Solution

Fired Up! Ready to Go!


  1. The Obama we elected...the smart...articulate leader this country hired as our President because of, not only his message, but because he CAN put us on a path that honors and respects all Americans the REAL [human] captial of this nation ~ the true value of our existance on this and me...the middle class...our children and their futures! Please speak out as citizens of this STILL great nation...don't be sucked in by the a activist. Grassroots movements are the only things that have ever made lasting change..change for the common good of all!! Mary

  2. You go girl.. you are one of the most active people I know. I'll keep bloggin' along and slug it out with any teabagger anyday... but you got it all over the Greendayman.. Thank you Mary, for all you do!!

  3. Grassroots activism comes in many shapes and colors....your blog is an important venue for information sharing and thought provoking questions and debate. You go Greendayman!...keep those teabaggers in hot water!!...with a little dipping ("slug"ging) action to wake em'up! Thanks GMAN! RCIG