Friday, October 9, 2009

The 30 Year Epic Fail of Conservative Economics Continues

1. Arab states have launched a secret plan with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading.

2. Tighten your seat belts (and other belts), it’s about to get bumpy
From Tengrain: "Well, here’s the deal. Because of fiscal policy and trade policy for about the last 30 years, we have stopped making stuff here in the United States. We’ve encouraged our corporations to off-shore (believe it or not, we actually give them significant tax breaks to move operations offshore..."

3. The Uneducated American by Paul Krugman
If you had to explain America’s economic success with one word, that word would be “education.” In the 19th century, America led the way in universal basic education. Then, as other nations followed suit, the “high school revolution” of the early 20th century took us to a whole new level. And in the years after World War II, America established a commanding position in higher education.
But that was then. The rise of American education was, overwhelmingly, the rise of public education — and for the past 30 years our political scene has been dominated by the view that any and all government spending is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Education, as one of the largest components of public spending, has inevitably suffered.

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