Monday, November 9, 2009

Lies and the Lying Liebermans Who Tell Them

How much longer will our Dem leaders tolerate this bullshit from Lieberman? You can't spell Lieberman with using the word "lie".

Here is a great summary by Bob Cesca:

Joe Lieberman is insisting that the public option adds to the deficit, which, of course, is a total lie.

Ezra Klein:
This has been Lieberman's standard argument for the past few weeks, but he has not, to my knowledge, explained how it works. Every analysis of the public option I've seen has concluded that it will reduce federal, and consumer, spending. Indeed, the stronger the public option is, the more it reduces the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that a public option paying Medicare's rates would save the government more than $100 billion in the first 10 years, and more after that.

I want to hear how Lieberman has knowledge that eludes the CBO.


  1. My contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal.

  2. Agreed, Busted - but, I am beginning to understand the mindset of people like Lieberman. I just couldn't reconcile in my head how they can lie so easily and obviously without conscience. The disconnect between the lies spewed and the reality that so easily debunks them is so stark and readily available. Then, after reading the GoldMan Sachs' CEO justification for obscene profits using the Randian: (paraphrased) "Greed is justified because God (Jesus, FSM or whatever) wants you to be as rich as possible", I began to understand. "Atlas Shrugged" is the manual of greed and justification of same.

  3. Joe Lieberman only believes what he's been told by his Party commissars in the Republican Party, not the CBO. The CBO is run by pinko commie DEMON-crats.

    -- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. Right-on Badtux! And don't forget the missus. Mrs. Lieberman was Senior Counsel for Hill & Knowlton's health care and pharmaceuticals practice and made $77,000 until she quit earlier this year. In the past she has worked for another lobbying company, APCO Associates, that had many pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations among its clients, as well as for major drug companies such as Pfizer. The Liebermans - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Healthcare Industrial Complex.