Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anger or Apathy? Give up or Fight? Doormats or Warriors?

Joeseph Lieberman - ASSCLOWN, scum of the earth, does not deserve to live if he sentences millions to death.

I cannot even start to describe how angry I am over the power given to Joe Fucking Lieberman over the futures of millions of Americans who do NOT have health care and those who are underinsured or being FUCKING SCREWED by the current system every fucking day!!!!

WHY? Why does this fucking slime, the lowest form of politician, bought and paid for by the healthcare industrial complex for over 2 fucking million dollars and his FUCKING ASSWIPE WIFE too for hundreds of thousands more get to decide that Americans do not get healthcare reform??? WHY? Can someone please explain this to me???

Are the teabaggers the only ones not afraid to get the guns out?

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And Watch This From the Two-Faced Lying Sack Of Shit:



  1. Traitor Joe is a real piece of work, ain't he?



  2. Hi Tengrain, thanks for visiting, you are too kind. Now, Lieberman... I have a very low tolerance for his crap and to give him, of all people, control of the discussion/policy of HCR is a c-4 head exploding, reality bending, obviously corrupt, against all common sense mind-fuck. I just went over to Attaturk's and we both dropped more f-bombs per square inch talking about this low-life than any other post. What can we do? It's the helplessness I feel that is really frustrating. Dean-Sanders 2014!!

  3. We need a mainstream citizen's revolt in this country...a full fledged revolution to overturn the likes of politicians like Lieberman and his kind. Life or death decisions should never be left to the fucking politicians!....too much power....too little brain power...too much self-interest. RCIG