Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

Why I Parted Ways With The Right
by Charles Johnson
Johnson, who blogs at Little Green Footballs, wrote on Monday that fanatic politicians, racism, sexism, anti-Islamism, hate speech, conspiracy theories and other troubling trends on the right wing have led him to make a formal break.

"The American right wing has gone off the rails, into the bushes, and off the cliff," he concluded. "I won't be going over the cliff with them."

"I cannot support a movement that holds that purely religious doctrine should govern civil political decisions and that uses the sacredness of religious faith for the pursuit of worldly power.
I cannot support a movement that is deeply homophobic, cynically deploys fear of homosexuals to win votes, and gives off such a racist vibe that its share of the minority vote remains pitiful."

"I cannot support a movement which has no real respect for the institutions of government and is prepared to use any tactic and any means to fight political warfare rather than conduct a political conversation."

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  1. Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson, literally can GO TO HELL!

    I've been active in conservative politics for 30 years. I've had these 5th column people WHINING about the "religious right" for all that time.

    Once, while I was living in Omaha, NE, I lead a successful OUTING of the "Rockefeller" Republicans from the state Central Committee. At that time the 5th column, "Reagan haters" whined, carped and complained. They cited my name, "Doug K." led a succesful takeover of the Republican party in NE." My Rabbi was greatly ammused. (A man who had NOT "sold his soul" to left wing/liberal causes, as so many of my fellow Jews have!)

    So Sullivan, Johnson --- I'll defend to the death your right to say what you say.

    Please, however, leave the "Achtung Juedan" (excuse me, "Attention Christians/Religious right") accusations out of it. It's a straw man, and you know it.