Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Night Beatles


  1. Thanks for the tunes, friend.

    But it's 6 inches of snow here.

    Unusual for our area actually although we get some from time to time.

    Hope your (almost) winter is going well.


  2. Happy soltice Suzan. Thank you for visiting the not-posting-lately gdm.

    The harmonies in the vid sounded so pure. I was very into that "Beatles" sound when I was a kid.

    Your Zappa round up was outstanding! I was truly thrilled when I found out about Zappadadan last year.

    We did not get a lot of snow and for that I am very grateful. Winter can be very difficult around here.

    I hope you enjoy this time as well! -g

  3. Happy Soltice to you also and thank you!

    I'm glad to hear that you aren't bothered by too much snow. I am just digging out - and it's mostly ice here, so, YUK!

    I love the Beatles too - both early and late, but I'm musically promiscuous so there's nothing I can do about it.

    And F R A N K ! What would we have done in the '80's if there hadn't been one soul such as he?

    Happy Christmas!