Monday, March 8, 2010

Blood Pressure 197/94

Time to step away from the outrage.

If a d-list blogger stops blogging and it falls down in the woods, does it make a noise?

I have had this little blog running for a year now. My life has be enriched by the people who stop by and also by my having to research for articles on subjects that I wanted to post. Sometimes I just needed to listen to a little music but there was always plenty of the outrage to go around the next day.

My old ticker is acting up and this passionate dirty fucking hippie needs a rest so I can be ready for the revolution that is surely coming. That's Liberal, tree hugging, dirt worshipping DFH to you.

See what I mean? I've become defensive and combative. A simple Garden Party can go awry when my old, rock-and-roll blasted, non-hearing ears mis-hear a little comment after a couple cocktails.

I need to visit the land of sparkle pony and rainbows for a while until I can grow some thicker skin and get my blood pressure out of the ionosphere.

Problem is that this media is addicting. I always liked to write, although I was not formally trained. The opportunity to post and be read is a siren song tempation for the thinking person. Is there a 'blogger's anonymous'?

Why I am the greendayman - I became a single dad in 2004. My (at the time) 10 year old daughter was listening to the new Greenday hit - American Idiot and she wanted to go to the GD American Idiot concert in Portland. I was an old time rock and roller (as you can see by my music posts) and did not know much about Green Day. Being the conscientious parent that I am, I had to do a little homework on the band before I would commit to take her.

I went to their site and saw that they were involved in feeding the poor and numerous other causes that I believe in and tentatively agreed. We tried to get tickets... sold out. My daughter had me listen to the local pop station, who was running a promo giving away tickets, all day long while she was in school so I could score tickets - I was the wrong caller every time. Finally, the time came for the concert and we had no tickets. Back in the 70's when we didn't have enough cash for tickets, me and my buds used to drive down to the Civic Center, sit outside on the steps and just listen to the music through the walls. I told my heartbroken daughter that we would do just that.

So, after stopping for an ice cream - we all (including her brother who was 12 at the time) showed up at the concert just in time for GD to take the stage after the intro band and took up a post outside the doors where the sound was very clear. We were happy, dancing, singing and just feeling good about being this close to such a great band. After about two songs a member of the band's security approached us. I didn't know what was going to happen, things change and maybe you can't hang around outside the show anymore.

He looked at us, asked us what was up and I told him the story of not being able to get any tickets. He only hesitated for a second and then he said come with me. He led us in the side door, we got seats close to the band and we were the happiest people in Portland at that instant in time. I had my daughter on my shoulders and tears running down my face as we rocked the rest of the concert. It was a peak moment in my life. The music was outstanding and the band seemed like real people instead of phony staged showmen. Billy Joe Armstrong really cares about the music and the people who listen. We were close enough to see him look at us with understanding. The music was some of the best that I had ever heard.

With the American Idiot album release, oh- listen to me... I meant CD release, I saw a beginning to someone finally, fearlessly standing up to the liars and thieves of the Bush administration. This took more than a little guts because of the Dixie Chicks fiasco and the black-listing of Linda Rondstat after her Vegas comment , and it was like a breath of fresh, uncensored air to hear the American idiots being called out in the age of media control.

How things change when you get a black democrat in office. _________________________________________________________________

A coupla wishes and one or two regrets and most of all (no shit) I hope Ornery gets some new boots.

Oh, and suzan - I always loved you best

FSM bless and I hope I live long enough to see the middle class rise again.


greendayman (who loves you)


  1. And you.


    Rest up, heal, read some good books, see some classic movies that make you feel better about having been the bearer of light in a dark time. These have always worked for me.

    And send me anything you want to share.

    I will.

    Also - take care of yourself.


  2. In the blog racket, we all have to do this at times - break, reset, reengage.
    May the time spent away be of your own choosing, and pleasurable.


  3. I still haven't got the boots yet dammit.
    Take care of yerself ya DFH.
    Get the ticker working right and swing by now and then, will ya>

    I can certainly understand needing a break dude, I have been at this for 4 damn years now.

  4. Thanx Suzan - I will.

    darkblack - appreciate you stopping by, the pleasurable is still elusive over here.

    Busted - you hot shit, thanks for taking time to visit. I thought I wore out my welcome at OB. I'll be over to visit and try to behave.... can't guarantee it.

    Well, my time away does not seem to be helping - as a matter of fact it may be a little more helpful to vent on my blog than try to mellow when I really don't feel like it. I tried, Doc - honest.