Saturday, March 6, 2010

More on the Mythical Center

Help me with this bipartisan, centrist thing again, please:

Progressives and Populists Need to Redefine the Mythical Political "Center"
By Mark Karlin at BuzzFlash


The concept of a fixed "center" in American politics is one of those myths
perpetuated by a combination of the GOP, DLC Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel, and the media. America is a nation of evolutionary change. We began as a nation that allowed slavery and didn't allow women to vote, as two giant examples of epoch change that eventually occurred as a result of social movements: abolitionist and suffrage.

In reality, leadership, think tanks, the media, social evolution, and technology are among what redefines, on an evolutionary basis, "the center." America's strength is not its fixed, inadaptable structure; that is what the American Revolution broke away from. It is our ability to be innovative, and to be innovative, you have to evolve, change, grow.

If ever there were proof of how the political "center" can be created, it is how the hundreds of billions of dollars and grooming of Ronald Reagan created a perceived and indoctrinated "center" that allowed for the fleecing of the working and middle class that allowed the engorging of the already filthy rich.

Read the rest here: Progressives and Populists Need to Redefine the Mythical Political "Center"


  1. If you look at where the populace actually stands on the issues, people like Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold are centrists. The DLC people are conservatives, and the Republicans are on the right fringe.

  2. I know - it's a total travesty. In an earlier post, I listed a few sens/reps who are working for us instead of for the corporations but they are few and marginalized most of the time. Thanks for stopping by!