Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brown People Did Not Take Away Your Jobs and Poor People Did Not Cause The Housing Crash

Holy Mutha-shaggin' Mary and Joseph - How did such IGNORANT people get in charge of such destructive products???

From Skippy:
Brown skinned people didn't take away your job (you ignorant assholes) ed.

White skinned men (and a smattering of women) in suits shipped your jobs overseas. Brown skinned people didn't tank your 401(k).... (see above) brown skinned people didn't give their executives millions in compensation while firing thousands (see above) brown skinned people didn't hide billions of dollars offshore in order to not pay taxes (see above) brown skinned people didn't almost destroy the world's economy hedging bets on credit default swaps (see above) see a pattern here? Where should the real anger be directed?

How about Muthafucking WALL STREET ?!

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