Thursday, May 6, 2010

Empathy and Conservatism - Opposites That Do NOT Attract.

First of all it is very obvious that the Republican psyche contains little or no capacity for empathy… If they had any empathy, they’d automatically give their workers a living wage, the best health care package possible and take a cut in pay so their workers could do better. Hell, they already had a house and car… and the kids even had a horse!

So… where is the ficticious benevolent benefactor outlined in TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS from RONNY RAYGUNS?! (Aside) I feel Ron really wasn’t a bad guy until the fanatical right got a-hold of him and convinced him… (Salesmen and actors are the easiest marks in the business..) that they were right and the liberals were wrong. After that – the last 30 years were charted as a course from middle class rule to plutocracy by the plutocrtacy buying influence along the way… believe it. He was the great communicator even if the message was Manchurian Candidate Corporate.. line by line…. All the Jane Wyman wannabes and Commie haters (oh, and "Commie" encapsulated a whole host of baddies for the fearful patriarchic population - (yep) you heard that right - to be afraid of. From the DFH's to the the civil rights do-gooders and for the first time (I believe) the evangelicals chimed in playing the SIN card in Times Square in NYC... Now the fearful had a reason to bow, scrape and believe!!! I BELIEVE in trickle down economics… I BELIEVE in a stronger American Defense.. I BELIEVE that all liberals are hateful, interbreeding SCUM!!! I believe…

And so… the “Liberal Media” bent over and asked “ please may I have another - because at the same time they were being handed checks… Oh baby…. Glorious cash!! Tons of it!! So now… who in the middle class.. oh, excuse me – been downgraded to lower middle class… has enough dough to go on TV and plead their case against the multi-national mega corporations that want you to work for $8.00 an hour or they will ship your job to …………… (fill in the blank for the next corporate/Blackwater takeover of a cheap labor country… there are still a few left) or to ask for a living wage?

These days it's:

One Nation Under Mammon by the corporations, for the corporations and FUCK everyone else and that means you. Bagger or not… Oh, and if you ain’t got at least $600 large in the bank.. the Rapture will definitely ask you for ID….

How many dollars left 'till the revolution? The Greeks reached their limit... are we next?


  1. Ahhh yes Trickle down Economy... A golden shower for the rest of us.
    Raider Ronnie who almost bankrupted social security.
    Set us on a path of Voodoo economics for the last 35 years.
    That union busting bastard in my mind was the worst President of all time.
    later man

  2. Wow, that was spot on. Can I post it everywhere?
    Truth always makes me cry. You did that.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Tim - you give "trickle down" a whole new meaning based in reality. However, I believe RR still holds second place to "W" as the worst. But, we could never have had "W" without Ronnie.

    Mrs. Water.. love your name - I used to be a fisheries scientist in a previous life and lived in/on the water.

    Feel free to distribute whatever you want from my site - hell, I'm still surprised when anyone reads it much less wants to pass it on. You have made my day!