Sunday, May 2, 2010

News on the Oil Spill Off the Louisiana Coast

None of it good.

The view from space indicates that the oil may be leaking at a rate of 25,000 barrels a day, dwarfing the figure of 5,000 barrels that US officials and the British oil giant BP have used in recent days.

"Giant oil-services provider Halliburton may be a primary suspect in the investigation into the oil rig explosion that has devastated the Gulf Coast, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though the investigation into the explosion that sank the Deepwater Horizon site is still in its early stages, drilling experts agree that blame probably lies with flaws in the ‘cementing' process -- that is, plugging holes in the pipeline seal by pumping cement into it from the rig. Halliburton was in charge of cementing for Deepwater Horizon."

ed. note: Is Cheney still getting a check from them? Maybe they can use some of their ill-gotton gains from the last 9 years when their stock shot up 1500% from war profiteering to fix this mess but I doubt it.

From the man who is never right about anything.


  1. Another little diddy to ad, Every other oil rig has a special automatic shut off that cost millions.
    Not this one. Cut backs that may have been okayed by Cheney. That shut off is required by every other country.

  2. Actually Tim, that device only costs $500,000 - a veritable drop in the bucket but the evil ones grasp their pennies like they were life itself.

  3. Again big biz will be okeedokee while the regular asshole will get fucked once again. That fuckin oil was not "domestic oil" until it showed up on our shores. I want BP to pay every fisherman, boat repair guy, waitress, net maker, fishing rod sales man,etc to pay them what they are going to loose this year.
    Are we pissed yet?