Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Night 'Stones

One More

Oh, and Before I Forget - Happy Mother's Day!

And speaking of Mother's Day... why is it that on Mother's Day all my married friends disappear, slaves to their spouses who know, KNOW and have been taught that on Mother's Day all men are to bow and scrape all day long.

Now, let's take Father's day..... What do father's usually do on Father's Day? Get as far away from their spouses as they can. Go fishing, take a long hike, hang with their buds at Kerryman's. Why? Because THEY have been taught that today they can do whatever they want and the wife can't ask who, where or when... because it's Father's Day!

Here is the summary (or the crux of the biscuit) - on Mother's Day the wives want the husbands home... on Father's day the husbands want to get the fuck away. Well... I hate to generalize, but... that's the way it is in this conservative neighborhood. With one exception.


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