Friday, May 14, 2010

When Driving, Don't Try To Help Me by Letting Me Out Into Traffic

I am so tired of "Courteous" drivers who think they are doing you a favor by stopping and letting you turn into traffic when it is not your turn. I mean really.. my ex nearly was killed when a driver stopped in one lane of a 4 lane interchange to let her out and the second lane of traffic immediately T-boned her and nearly killed her.

DON'T DO IT. If any idiot thinks he/she is doing you a favor by stopping traffic behind him/her to let you out - honk your horn, flip them off and tell them what an 'effin idiot they are and to keep moving.

Today I had at least three idiots stop traffic behind them to put me into a risky situation by letting me out. NEWSFLASH - look in the rearview mirror asshole and see the destruction you bring to the traffic flow by stopping to let someone who does not have the right of way into a stream of traffic when in a few seconds the way will be clear anyway.

Call me jaded but I have driven enough miles to go to the moon and back twice.

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