Monday, July 5, 2010

Max Blumenthal goes deep inside Teabagger World-- exposing their manipulative leaders' extremism and the examining their bogus grassroots claims.

Thanks to Down With Tyranny

Max Blumenthal goes inside the Tea Party from Ram Bam on Vimeo.


  1. GD
    I liked this so much that I posted it on my site as well.. Of course with links to you and acknowledgment. Rather long but a great find..


  2. LOL! What a load of crap. Bunch of liberal twats with an agenda.

  3. Thanks Tim, but the credit really goes to 'Down With Tyranny'. It is long, but you can't fit this much crazy on a bumper sticker, that's for sure.

    Welcome bigunsfan! You got that right, we do have an agenda - to take the country back from corporate interests that have all but destroyed the middle class over the last 30 years. It's too bad that corporate propaganda is so effective that even good folk like yourself get sucked in and vote against your own interests time after time without even thinking about it. Truly amazing. You should also know that liberals have guns too, my .270 is ready and I could kick corporate/'bagger ass any day of the week with bare hands as well. I'd just as soon not, but you 'baggers should understand very clearly that we are just as armed and just as ready as you are to defend what we feel is right. Not bad for a twat.

  4. You're pissing in the wind.You're agenda ain't going to work.What are you going to take back? There's nothing left.

    Congratulations on being a gun owner. I was in the military,not bragging,just stating a fact. Some really bad people shot at me and I've seen people get there heads blown off.Luckily,I've never had to kill someone and I have no desire to take another human being's life.It's no fun.

    How is a civil war going to work in the USA? It's not going to be North vs. South,how will you identify your target? Maybe folks should wear red or blue caps? My sister is a bleeding heart liberal PC queen that worships at the altar of Obammy,my brother doesn't care about politics,which one should I kill first?

    I don't understand...

    What do think is the biggest problem in America?

    What's your definition of "Liberal"?