Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Evidence That the Corporate Media Has Way Too Much Influence in This Country

Why Does Fox News Have More Power Than Any Progressive in the Country?


...Van Jones, ACORN, Dawn Johnsen, Shirley Sherrod. First sign of trouble, throw someone overboard. When they fired Van Jones, I said they were only encouraging Fox. But that wasn't some genius prediction; it was only the most obvious thing in the world. Do you think the bully won't take your lunch money tomorrow if you give it to him today?

Since this seems so obvious, why can't the supposedly brilliant guys in the Obama administration figure it out? Why can't they see it's such a bad idea to keep giving in to Fox and bowing their heads? It's so bad now, they're bragging about their efficiency in genuflecting. Jim Messina, Deputy Chief of Staff, congratulated everyone the day after Sherrod was fired about the speed and agility with which they serviced Fox News. So, what's the strategy behind what appears to be pathetic cowardice to the rest of us? Read the rest here


  1. Fox is the most powerful entity in the World.
    That sucks I know. I see only one way to fight them,the Fairness Doctrine. Only this time call it the Reagan Reform or something like that. It would drive them Bat shit.
    I call Obama the great Appeaser. He seems to be living up to it.

  2. Tim - that's brilliant! We'll call it, "The Reagan Communications Reform Bill"! How can they not vote for it?

    Somebody call Bernie Sanders... no, really!

  3. You funny..LOL
    Yeah and with each vote for it an autographed Jelly Bean from the great one himself. HA!

  4. HA! I forgot about the jelly beans but I do think you are on to something here. Time for some homework on the FD and try to find some reps/sens to sponsor a bill while the Sherrod debacle is still hot.