Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back and I'm Pissed - Robert Gibbs, Asshole

Does this guy....

....remind you of this guy?

Oh, and GOD, you can kiss my ass.


  1. Good to see my Man. Gibbs put me over the edge.
    Yeah I'm one of those Professional Leftys who is telling this administration to kiss my hairy white ass. Don't be a stranger, come visit.:)

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for stopping by. I'm feeling better. Nothing like a good ass whomping by my own party to wake a fella up. And to add insult to injury i got a letter from BO himself today asking me to "commit to vote". I told him that if he fired Gibbs and Emmanuel and apologized to the DFH's who got him elected I might consider it. I will not be taken for granted. Or taken for an idiot, either. Be over in a bit.

  3. Greeting's Mr.GDM!

    Everytime I see Gibb's I think of the BeeGee's! :) (I really loathed disco, was more into Hendrix like you!)

    BTW .... God isnt very fond of kissing ass .... because so many kiss his ass only. :)

  4. Mark,

    I'm with you.

    Kick 'em for me next time.

    Love ya,


  5. Hi Melissa, thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, I can't get past this anger phase of the greiving process. It doesn't take much to set me off (which has been true for some time now) and I am still struggling with the fact that my children will not have their mother to help them through life as only a mother can. It sucks so bad and I just can't seem to get past it. I am going to try something different - I am going back to being a sternman on a lobster boat after Labor day. I am a computer engineer/repair guy by trade and my heart is just not in it these days. I have my own business and have lost many customers over the last few years while helping take care of Karen, but the few I have left are loyal and can handle my being unavailable while we are out to haul in the mornings. I need to make some changes and see if that helps, but as Buckaroo Banzai famously said, "No matter where you go, there you are". We will get through this. The kids are doing very well, ah - the resiliency of youth. They have a lot of support from Karen's extended family - they are wonderful, but there does not seem to be the same relief for me.

    TMI? If so, sorry but as I am getting to know you and Tim I think we empaths need to stick together. I think I'll do a lobstering post just to lighten up a bit. Thanks again! -Mark

  6. It sounds like a good plan. Being out on the water is healing. If ya need us we are here.