Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry Will Never Be As Cool As This

I'm not happy about it..(Katy's Cleavage Conundrum) Most kids that watch this show see more tits in a day than you or I in a year.. but Sharia law is coming... from the American Taliban

Katy Perry Is Not Cooler Than This, Either


  1. Sesame Street...the days when Jim Henson was still the heart of those Muppets. Makes my heart warm and sad at the same time. RIP Mr. Henson. Thanks for posting, Mark. I did not miss your point, BTW. I didn't see ANY boobs when I put down my duckie :- ) James Duddy

  2. Hi James - glad to hear your duckie is still standing! When I heard about the kerfluffel at CTW over cleavage I was a little disappointed, and when Katy did the SNL bit I thought it was a slam - but on the other hand we are increasingly under the influence of conservative dogma that Markos calls, "The American Taliban". Now a book, soon to be a movie - hopefully fiction.