Monday, September 6, 2010

"They Talk About Me, Like a Dog..(Talk About the Clothes I Wear..

..But They Don't Realize... They're the One's Who's Square.)


  1. Perfect!
    I just hope the fire stays lit.

  2. When I heard that clip, I immediately thought of Jimi Hendrix's song "Stone Free" from which Barack quoted verbatim. He must be a Hendrix fan, the coincidence gap is just to wide to be otherwise.

    He's going to have to lower himself into the fray to get any traction in the mid-terms. He seems to be the "Ali" of politics with the rope-a-dope act, taking a beating until the opponent punches himself out - then he acts. Only, these opponents are tireless and well-funded.

  3. GDM
    I like your analogy very much as I'm a boxing fan.

  4. I am downing a shot of cheap whiskey and thinking about you my man.

  5. Hi Busted, thanks for visiting. We had Karen's service on Sunday at Mackworth Island in Falmouth (ME), her favorite place. She wanted to be cremated and spread around out on the shore. I'm going to do a little post on it as soon as I can see through this damn indoor rain.

    I have been stove up pretty hard with this. Probably a good rant would do me good! Be over in a minute! Thanks again to everyone.