Friday, November 26, 2010

Does Kim Jong Il Watch Fox News?

Where else would he get the idea that our American President was weak and now would be the time to test some boundaries?

Where else whould he get a steady diet of attacks on the President that "delegitimize" the authority of the administration minute by minute, 24 hours a day from Fox News, the biggest threat to our democracy in the history of our Republic.

Talk about empowering the terrorists, giving comfort and aid to the enemy. Jesus Jumped Up FSM this really burns my ass.

Add this to the steaming pile: Rupurt Murdoch Funds North Korean Regime

When are we going to arrest Rupurt Murdoch, this criminal, for treason against America from a foreign national, prosecute the motherfucker and get it over with. Ailes too for conspiracy with a foreign national to undermine the Untited States of America. Do it now.


  1. Where do I sign..
    Seems to me inciting insurrection is a crime.;)

  2. Absolutely! Sedition on a grand scale, somehow streaking in under the "radar" - what Murdoch is doing to manipulate US public opinion works on the world-wide audience too. It is a dangerous game they play.

    Hi Tim! Good to see you again. Be over shortly.