Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R) is Pond Scum

Or at least has the intelligence of pond scum. Republicans are not fit to govern this great country. This fact has never been more obvious than right now.

Here's Robert Reich:

"Case in point: House Budget Chair Paul Ryan unveiled a plan today that should make every American cringe. It would turn Medicare into vouchers whose benefits are funneled into the pockets of private insurers. It would make Medicaid and Food Stamps into block grants that allow states to ignore poor people altogether. It would drastically cut funding for schools, and much else Americans need. And many of the plan's savings would go to wealthy Americans who'd pay even lower taxes than they do today."

Scum - plain and simple. I wish there was a cure for Ryan's affliction that we could administer to conservative assholes everywhere and turn them into caring human beings again.

More from Reich:

"Obama must show America that the basic choice is between two fundamental views of this nation. Either we're all in this together, or we're a bunch of individuals who happen to live within these borders and are mainly on their own."

And this is the crux of the biscuit - Do you believe in society and civilization or barbaric Randian individualism and greed?


"The president needs to remind us that as members of the same society we have obligations to one another -- that the wealthiest among us must pay their fair share of taxes, that any of us who loses our jobs or homes or gets terribly sick can count on the rest of us, and that we have collective obligations to our elderly, our children, and the rest of the planet.

This is why we have government. And anyone who wants to shut it down or cut it down because they say we can't afford it any longer is plain wrong. We are the richest nation in the world, richer than we've ever been. We can afford to remain a society whose members are in it together."

Will we hear this kind of talk from the Obama administration? It would be nice for a change wouldn't it?

Johnston and Gerard on the Devastating Effects of Ryan's Budget on the Elderly, the Disabled and Children

Concise and to the point - Ryan's proposal is cruel and unacceptable by any measure for civilized human beings

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