Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Poll: After Promoting Birther Conspiracy, Donald Trump Vaults Into Statistical Tie For 1st Place

This is just sad. Ignorance and avarice combined into one package - the republican Donald.

Embracing the crazy birthers pole-vaults Trump into a tie for first in the primaries. Disgusting and telling. Birthers do not care about governing, only that there is an "uppity nigger" in the White House that needs to be shown his place.

And for our follically challenged readers - Trump's elaborate comb over instructions here.



From Zandar:

"Yet, Donald Trump has basically bet his career on becoming a professional Birther. But instead of being shunned by our "liberal media" who is "in the tank for Obama" Trump gets regular chances to say that Obama is conning the American people and keeps getting invited on TV again and again to peddle his own snake oil games."

"Don't think Trump is a serious threat yet? I do. He's running on Obama Derangement Syndrome, and entire campaign built on a single massive lie. And yet he's gaining on the GOP front-runners simply by giving into the far right-wing hatred of Obama."

"Do not underestimate this hatred. Nothing good will come of it."

Zandar has a valid point there.

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