Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Police State in Action

I had a hell of a surprise today when three Police Cruisers (reasonable facsimile thereof - pic on the left) graced my driveway behind one of my son's friend's car that had just pulled in. Now, I didn't panic - I know these kids. they are good kids, a little misguided like all of us these days, but good kids and I've known them for years.

Three, no four cruisers counting the cop who showed up late, Four fucking cruisers for two skinny teenagers. What the fuck.

I saw it all:

cops: "Hands on the hood!!! What weapons do you have? " LOUD

Jesus jumped up christ - I almost had a cow. These geeky kids wouldn't know a weapon if it bit them on the leg. They think a plastic broadsword at comic-con is lethal.

Search was non-conclusive - thank FSM they didn't have any weed on them.

At one point I did ask if they thought they had enough cops here. Luckily they did not come after me.

Then they split them up - asked lots of questions, filled out their little fucking notebooks, asked the same questions twice and three times.

Come to find out, one of them had taken a baseball bat to a construction marker after his girlfriend had broken up with him earlier in the day.

30 minutes later they let them go with a warning not to act like teenagers and grow the fuck up. Well, not exactly but that's what it sounded like to me.

The police state trying to justify their sorry existence. I imagine someday someone may ask, " Why do we need all these fucking cops?". And the cops will show them "The Notebook".

Fuck them - they are a revenue generation machine for the city - state, and that is all. They have never found any of the stuff that was stolen from me several times over the years and the cops have only cost me money in fines, lawyer fees etc. ALWAYS. That is not public service that is revenue generation. They excel at arresting teenagers and other harmless victimless crime suspects but where are they when something serious happens? They run, hide and plead impossible.

We do not need their police state. The town I grew up in was about the size of this town and we had two cops. There are WAY too many cops in this small town with not enough to do so they PREY on the locals.

I am appalled.

I told the boys this:

"Our town is a fishbowl. You boys need to know that there are way too many cops with not enough to do as evidenced today by the whole fucking force showing up to talk to two skinny teenagers so you need to not be stupid in public."

Actually, that was the whole message of today - Do Not Be Stupid In Public because someone in this police state fishbowl is always watching.


  1. So true.

    Call a cop when something bad happens and just try to get taken seriously.

    But let a cop see you go by without some registration sticker, etc., and it's all hell breaking loose.

    Revenue junkies.

    Seems to be the reason for having so many.

    Thanks for following up on this national tragedy.


  2. Hi Suze! Thanks for stopping by. I have I told you lately that I love you?