Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If They Want To Cut Services They Have To Raise Wages

What the fuck is wrong with these CEO asshats? Are they so profit driven that they have no humanity left? It's their fucking fault that working people are broke. They took all the money from increased worker productivity over the last 30 years and kept it for themsleves. Now they want to cut services ( through their bought and paid for Republican House) that feed people who are suffering because no-one (except hedge fund managers) can earn a living wage anymore. No labor, no unions, no minimum wage. Do we really want to be China?

How can we allow this to happen as a society? Are we not Americans? Where is that famous American Exceptionalism that we hear so much about but fails miserably when measured against facts.

People need to make money. Corporations do not want to pay money that cuts into their obscene profits. And now as a result of 30 years of conservative deregulation and tax reduction on the richest 1% Corporations have ALL THE MONEY which equals power and even free speech, according to the corporately owned SCOTUS, and the working class have next to none. Is this by design? I would hope not but the evidence is damning.

As a concerned citizen, a liberal, a patriotic American I can't help but feel that the betrayal of the social contract, a corporate conscience if you will, between the wealthy corporations that have done very well under our democratic system and the American worker has been shredded and they could care less if we fucking curl up and die. They don't need us anymore, they can sell to the newly minted middle class in China thanks to their new manufacturing base that the fucking assholes moved our jobs overseas for. They should all be lined up and shot as traitors. EVERY LAST ONE OF THE THEM. SHOT DEAD. For betraying this country. Traitors all.

Thom Hartmann explains in a less graphic way.

"Liberal talk show host Thom Hartmann went on a tear yesterday about income disparity in America, suggesting as President Harry Truman did 60 years ago that the Republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of wealthy special interests."

“These CEOs are not job creators,” he said. “They’re stealing from the people who are the actual job creators: people like you and me, who actually buy stuff.

”Please take 5 minutes and watch this film.


  1. I'm with you, sweetheart.

    Line them up!


  2. Hi Suze! So good to hear from you! I hate what has happened to labor in this country. I have young professional friends who have never known any other way except financial and job insecurity for their young family even though both parents work and have "good" jobs. I tell them about a time when one parent could earn a living wage in a secure job without working themselves to death with overtime and the other could stay home and take care of the kids. They look at me like I am from another planet. We used to work to live, today it seems they live to work for greedy corporations that demand more and more from their workforce but refuse to compensate them accordingly. Quality of life is not even considered by today's workforce. The corporate media brainwashing about prosperity depending on ever higher levels of productivity has done it's job along with keeping a desperate workforce scared. It's no way to live. I refuse to participate. I'll never sit in another cubicle as long as I live. The "Soul Sucking Cubicle of Death" so coveted by the desperate among us today. We need Labor to be stronger than the corporations. How that happens... I don't know.