Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey America, It's Time To Be A Dick

Whiny Ass Titty Baby Eric Cantor can't take the heat, whines about the "angry black man", and can't handle being questioned on his bullshit. None of those mealy mouthed republican assholes can stand it if someone stands up to them just like any school playground bully will wilt if confronted. Congrats to our President for showing some brass.

So, America - it's time to stand up to these republican assclowns on the economy and be a dick. I know it goes against our liberal nature but why should they get their corporate agenda passed at the expense of the American People?

Here is the real deal from the President himself (sort-of) from Funny Or Die:


  1. It's way past time to be a dick.
    I say we go straight to raging fucking asshole mode.

  2. I'm all over it Busted - lets go!