Monday, August 22, 2011

I Fell Off The Facebook Wagon and It Only Took Me a Couple of Weeks to Blow it Up Again

I have a very low tolerance for bullshit - therefore I am a lousy Facebook consumer.

I really liked re-connecting to my classmates before reunion and viewing the pics afterward. Very fun... but my fun soon turned to work as I read posts from other "friends" and felt the need to rise to the defense of poor people, out douche bags, and try to teach Demand Side Economics to thick headed conservatives just to name a few fights I chose. FB really lost it's luster, fast - I got nasty threats, I showed no quarter and my older neutral friends were appalled I am sure.

I just can't let it go. When I was a kid, I was riding my bike with one of my buds and some kids from the South End started throwing horse chestnuts at us. They hurt. I stopped my bike, my bud just wanted to keep going but I wanted to know why they were throwing shit at us. These guys never said a word, never let up and I was bruised for a week. Reminds me of Obama trying to run the Country today.

So, I am once again kicking Facebook cold turkey and hopefully won't feel the need to get back on until the next class reunion.


  1. Well GreendayMan, you fought the fight well, and save for one SNAFU that I was party to (you know who this is!), you picked your fights well. As we found out early last decade, stupidity knows no bounds. I'll keep whacking at the jackasses on FB as I enjoy infuriating TeaBaggers with facts!

  2. Thanks ML. You know where to send them if you need sources...

  3. If fb is a determination of how many friends u have then in real life you actually have as little or zero true friends as u have as many false Facebook friends. How many fb friends will go out of their way or off Facebook to help u out? I had to find out the hard way when my life was at its worst that fb is fb and friends are friends neither the two shall truly meet!