Friday, August 26, 2011

Latest Update on Hurricane Irene

Up here in Maine, there seems to be general panic brought on by Fox News, The Weather Channel and any other news agency with a camera and a spokes model desperate enough for ratings to blow this thing up into a National Catastrophe.

It is serious for those south of the Cape - this I understand, but in Maine? Some folk 100 Miles inland are laying in supplies and boarding up the windows like a Glenn Beck doomsday acolyte.

I've been through several "hurricanes" in the great state of Maine and lemme tell ya it ain't nothin' compared to what they get in the south, however - when we do get a little wind, we treat it just like the southerners do when they get a little snow! FREAK!

Coastal erosion sucks but I believe this will be no worse than a high-end Nor' Easter.

Here's why: "The Costanza Effect".

Don't worry, I'm a scientist - I'll explain:

Shrinkage. Ayuh, as we say on the coast - shrinkage. When Irene exits the warm Gulf Stream and hits the relatively frosty Gulf of Maine waters she will lose potency rapidly. Guys... ever go swimming in cool waters and witness the shrinkage phenomena? It works on female hurricanes too.

Here's an example:



So, inland Maine dwellers... don't buy into the hype. Everyone else... good luck, seriously, and I hope everyone comes out ok when the sun comes back out.

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