Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saw This POS on a Bumper Today

I had taken my son back to college this morning, moved most of his crap.. er, useful stuff to the dorm, said my tearful goodbye, (I miss him very much when he is not here), and was on my way home when I saw this bumper sticker in 4 lanes of traffic, intown, headed for the highway. He was in front of me and we stopped at the next light. This gave me a chance to really read the sticker. He had another one as well, "Annoy a Liberal, Take Personal Responsibility".

Any of you that know the Greendayman well, will know that when the emotional bathtub is full it can't help but runneth over when the spigot of right-wing bullshit spews.

When the light turned green, I sidled up beside him, rolled down the window and hollered, "Do you mean the Reagan that raised taxes 11 times while he was in office? Or the Reagan that granted Amnesty to 3 Million illegal immigrants? I waited for a response, got the dull stare of the conservative zombie then I laughed. He looked at me like I was from another planet... but I get that a lot.

We have to fight right-wing bullshit wherever it resides whether on network news or on an 'effin bumper sticker. They never see it coming and don't know how to handle it when someone stands up to them.


  1. Conservatives always get a convenient case of amnesia when we bring up the fact that Reagan raised taxes, or was willing to compromise with Democrats, worked with the Soviets to stop nukes...the list goes on. Let's not forget "weapons for hostages"! But he was a "real president". Assholes, all of 'em....

  2. I hear you Anon. It is beyond comprehension how generally intelligent people are willing to train their brains to discount information that is contrary to their collective conservative worldview. In English class we used to call it a "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" when reading works of fiction that are entertaining but not realistic. It has to be a conscious effort for some but the other half of the equation is the mouth breathers who don't have critical thinking skills who believe the right-wing media because they are loud, self-righteous and feed their prejudices.

  3. I am just glad to have found your blog and see there are people like you in the United States. "Fiction" was how I saw your contry until that sentence in the sticker came true. Hopefully you will be able to solve the education problem, with them trying to stick a bible in every subject that might help people think. We are inheriting that dirt and losing what you would like for your country.
    Best regards