Saturday, December 22, 2012

Arm Everyone!

 What the heck, arm the teachers, arm the kids - those husky 12 year olds can handle any attacker as long as they are sufficiently armed.

Arm the Poor! They are one of the most persecuted populations in this country. Defense for all! Can't say that they may not turn those guns on the people who stole their pensions, retirement, houses, and eventually eat the rich. Heaven knows that there needs to be equilibrium. It is a LAW of physics denied by the majority of Christians and Republicans. The parties of  "Most people are less than", and then have jump through the financial needle to be acceptable. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." We'll meet them in hell or where ever the sinful go.... probably to New Jersey.

ALL people are acceptable. Some need a little help. Give them guns. Send them into the pharmacy and see what happens when the prescription for life saving drugs is denied by some insurance company. According to Wayne LaPierre all citizens have a right to own a gun and defend their lives. The Medical Industrial Complex will lose some of those battles....  <BANG> ok, give me my cancer drugs fucker or I'll blow the other kneecap off.

Shoot 'em out at Rite Aid.

This is a ridiculous argument. The proliferation of guns are a cancer on our society. They kill a lot of people without reason. Money and political influence seems to be the driving force, not what is good for the country and it's people.

The fact that this kid could kill 27 people is just not right.

Someone should pop a cap in Wayne LaPierre just to show him what it feels like.


  1. Someone should pop a cap in Wayne LaPierre just to show him what it feels like.

    Your not serious. I hope. Or your picture should be next to the one in blue.