Sunday, December 23, 2012

Escape from the Soul-Sucking Cubicle of Death

I did it. It's my own fault. Went back to the corporte world under presure of financial needs and my peers who have been advocating me to apply for and accept this job for years, a lay-up due to my skill set but with risk due to my depression.

 I lasted 6 weeks. Great job, great company, above average pay, good benefit package - or as good as it gets these days, good co-workers, friends I've known for years.

I couldn't wear one of these every day. I couldn't get up at 5:30 AM mon-fri, my meds don't even kick in until about 10:00. I clean up pretty well and do corporate like the best of them but at my station in life right now, this is not right for me or as they would say - "this is not a good fit for me right now". They were happy with my work, I was good little do-bee with a resume a mile long with certifications up the wazoo. Knew my shit unlike 90% of the workforce in the office.

I woke up with a gorrilla sitting on my chest one morning that just would not get off. Thought I was having a heart attack... nope, just anxiety. Did you know a panic attaic resembles a heart attack? I couldn't move. I knew it was over.

I'll fire up my little independent business fixing PCs and small networks. It'll be OK. I am taking the week to heal. But will be back on Monday.

Anyone got a PC on the fritz? I know you do because everyone has one and they're all broken or just been fixed. I am a MCSE and all kindsa other alphabet soup with (holy shit) almost 25 years in this business.

Is this really the future of the now?


  1. Hang on.

    We're here for you.

    And, yes, that is the business of the future (now).

    Until computers are replaced by chips in our heads.

    Happy Holidays.

    Love you,


  2. Thanks Hun, you're the best. And thanks to all my blogestubes friends. I love you all. Your support is like figgy pudding on my wounded soul.