Friday, March 8, 2013

The 50 Foot Woman Stands Tall

What fitting irony that on National Womens' Day Daryl Hannah releases a bombshell of a movie/documentary.

From their Blog:  This very American film, “Greedy Lying Bastards”, documents the power of big U.S. energy giants fighting global warming theorists through a heavily funded web of AstroTurf grass root “community organizations” such as Citizens United, Heartland America and Americans for Prosperity. They are AstroTurf because there is no real grass involved and are heavily funded by the energy giant Koch brothers and Exxon Corporation. The strategy of big energy is global warming denial through hired guns without much scientific backing. Interesting, if not compelling, analogies are made to the denialists and big tobacco who denied for years that cigarettes were harmful to health. In retrospect and with the scientific evidence available at the time of big tobacco’s denials big tobacco looks very much like greedy lying bastards. This film attempts to put big energy on the same level as big tobacco both of which deny irrefutable truths.

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Check out the trailer here: 

This looks to be very well done ala Michael Moore. Only she's taller.

Movie listings and theaters are on the website - Greedy Lying Bastards

That they are.

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  1. Thanks for the tribute to women! Nice to see you back at it! Mary