Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why So Serious?

What is it with me lately? I haven't posted a music vid or comic for ages...

Guess its just the times, and my crestfallen disappointment with the Socialist President we all hoped would really be socialist. I know, it sucks.
Intransigent systematic capitalist/fascist takeover of our fair country is almost complete.

Does anyone remember Rollerball?

The original, with corporations taking over the world in the corporate wars, no governments, no individual heroes allowed. Only corporations and their needs to be met.

I never realized how prescient this movie from 1975 would be.

Friends, tell me this is not happening, please.


  1. I loved Rollerball.

    I also wrote about it as a metaphor for our times.

    But you remember.

    Love ya,


    1. Oh C, you're so good to me. I think you are my last remaining reader.

      I DO remember. I saw it at the local theater for about a buck. I watched this at home with the greendaykids, who are now old enough (early 20-somethings) to think for themselves, more than once. I especially had them pay attention to the playing of the corporate anthem in the film. They well know that at the beginning of any ball game in the USA they play the National Anthem. I told them that the corporations had taken away our democratic nationality and replaced it with fascist/corporate loyalty, psychologically and physically, enforced by propaganda and marketing. The message? Individuality does not matter at all and only the compliant will succeed. My poor kids....they got so sick of me teaching them about recognizing propaganda in advertising, placement in movies and TV shows, and more. But.. they are now informed young adults, "indoctrinated" (I prefer educated) with the belief they don't have to buy into the corporate spiel whether in commercials or placement in media. If nothing else, they remember that. Did you know I raised my kids pretty much by myself after my wife contracted cancer and passed? They turned out to be good kids and love their daddy but I still get an eye roll every time I point out propaganda.