Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fact-Checked and Thankfully Cursed With Too Small A Sample

After some intro...spection. And, I admit -  hard for me at best, I fact-checked myself on my last post.

And found these facts, below, to restore my hope in the macro and once again prove my stats teacher right. I really needed a sample size that would bring my observations within acceptable standards of deviation.

Youth Vote 2012 Turnout: Exit Polls Show Greater Share Of Electorate Than In 2008

I used to love stats in school.... the curse of a fact-based life. Science, as Neil would say - whether you believe it or not, established science is the truth.

The Colbert Report
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And as I learned the math I learned that numbers do not lie.

Unless you were dumbed down in the 80's - 90's as a product of Republican Education Policy -actually  none, really,  you know they want to keep us ignorant and compliant. George Carlin sums it up:

I'm not immune to making sweeping generalizations about specifics... but, that'll get you a ruler slap in liberal post-grad science world. Or, it should. Or it would from my adviser, Dr. Rock. A retired Colonel. Objectiveness escapes the conservative world, questioning beliefs too. Sad. I'd slap Issa's wrist every time he lied on committee. Or at least give him a dog collar shock.

Again, thanks to Mr. Stats for first, getting me used to crunching the sheer mega-numbers and second, seeing in me an intellectual curiosity that overcame my pre-conceived notions about whatever we were studying.

Show me a conservative that can do that, seriously.

But that's another story for another day.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Generational Selective Memory

We are fucked.

The general consensus among the younger residents and visitors at the Seal Cove Home For the Emotionally and Socially Disturbed is that I spend way too much time living in the past. A time when people made a living wage, belonged to Unions, one parent worked while the other stayed home and took care of the kids and still had plenty of money.

They have no point of reference. They think I am a babbling idiot. They want me to accept the "New Normal". I refuse and therefore are a "Crazy Old Man".

fuck me... I feel like shit.