Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fact-Checked and Thankfully Cursed With Too Small A Sample

After some intro...spection. And, I admit -  hard for me at best, I fact-checked myself on my last post.

And found these facts, below, to restore my hope in the macro and once again prove my stats teacher right. I really needed a sample size that would bring my observations within acceptable standards of deviation.

Youth Vote 2012 Turnout: Exit Polls Show Greater Share Of Electorate Than In 2008

I used to love stats in school.... the curse of a fact-based life. Science, as Neil would say - whether you believe it or not, established science is the truth.

The Colbert Report
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And as I learned the math I learned that numbers do not lie.

Unless you were dumbed down in the 80's - 90's as a product of Republican Education Policy -actually  none, really,  you know they want to keep us ignorant and compliant. George Carlin sums it up:

I'm not immune to making sweeping generalizations about specifics... but, that'll get you a ruler slap in liberal post-grad science world. Or, it should. Or it would from my adviser, Dr. Rock. A retired Colonel. Objectiveness escapes the conservative world, questioning beliefs too. Sad. I'd slap Issa's wrist every time he lied on committee. Or at least give him a dog collar shock.

Again, thanks to Mr. Stats for first, getting me used to crunching the sheer mega-numbers and second, seeing in me an intellectual curiosity that overcame my pre-conceived notions about whatever we were studying.

Show me a conservative that can do that, seriously.

But that's another story for another day.

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