Saturday, March 1, 2014

Generational Selective Memory

We are fucked.

The general consensus among the younger residents and visitors at the Seal Cove Home For the Emotionally and Socially Disturbed is that I spend way too much time living in the past. A time when people made a living wage, belonged to Unions, one parent worked while the other stayed home and took care of the kids and still had plenty of money.

They have no point of reference. They think I am a babbling idiot. They want me to accept the "New Normal". I refuse and therefore are a "Crazy Old Man".

fuck me... I feel like shit.


  1. You are not crazy.

    Or old.

    You're smart and extremely youthful (in attitude, for a start) . . . .

    The ones who give you a hard time are pessimists.

    And quitters.

    Never say die!

    Your ever-faithful fan,


  2. Thanks Suze, you are a good friend. I posted that in a fit of frustration. Have you talked to any millennials lately? It's depressing. But, we will carry on and trust that "good" will eventually become the currency of the world. I think we will see it in our lifetimes. Ah, but I am the eternal optimist with a mean streak when disappointed.

  3. Carry On!.

    Used to be my theme song.

    I understand the disappointed streak . . . hardly mean . . . more like just horridly realistic.

    Which we all abide today.

    Keep the faith.

    Something good's got to happen sometime.

    (And you thought you were the only optimist around.)