Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Well Boys, Break's Over."

Time to get back to slinging greendayman bombs.

People are starting to catch on to what the liberal blogosphere, Robert Reich, Paul Krugman et. al. have been talking about for years. The American working public has been getting so screwed since Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers union (PATCO). It's obvious to me and you but why did it take so long for income inequality and stagnant wages to become somewhat mainstream? It's been since 1981. WTF? Opinions abound and just like earlobes, everybody has at least one.

Here's mine. A tipping point has been reached where corporate vampires can no longer suck enough blood from the middle class to sustain their stratospheric salaries. We've all seen the charts. Real people are suffering, not just the low-information Republican base.

From The Atlantic:

"This is something that has been happening and building for years and is now really rooted in the economy, and it's vicious," said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank in Washington. "There's a remarkable disconnect. The problem isn't a lack of the economy producing sufficient income to make everybody's living standards improve--it's that the economy is structured so that the majority don't benefit." Or, to state the point more cautiously, the majority doesn't benefit from productivity gains very much--certainly, less than our parents and grandparents did.

OKAY.. We know this too... so what next? 

Step One: Three Paths to Full Employment

Step Two: Bring Back Unions

Step Three: Bring CEO Pay Back to Reality

Step Four: Bring Back Manufacturing, Stop Offshoring Jobs.

This is the biggie, AND easy to fix. Bring back tariffs and stop giving taxbreaks to companies that offshore jobs. Repeal Nafta, Cafta, and Fuck-no to TPP

Call me a protectionist... I don't care.

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