Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fox News Smackdown Sunday

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of my best friends. We are approximately the same age. His computer was hosed and really needed some attention. We had dinner, looked out the sliding glass doors at the beautiful view over the Saco River and then while I had a sub-routine running and time to wait, we went into the TV room. Fox News was the default channel when he turned on the TV. I am somewhat used to this as my neighborhood is mostly conservative, but then as the lies, hate and vitriol spewed forth I could not stand it. I rose from my chair and wondered aloud how he could submit himself to such aggregious bullshit day after day? Oh no, he said - Fox News is the most trusted news in America. Well... that put me right into a tizzy. My voice raised, I pointed out many, many problems with that statement. He tried to console me, said that Fox always shows both points of view... Eyes blazing, I told him that is like the Blues Brothers being told that the customers like both kinds of music... Country and Western... so they are a diverse crowd. I was in a blind rage. Fox News is the enemy of all that is good in this country. The rest of the argument went as could be expected... I ended up looking like an angry, crazed, liberal.

I am a peaceful person for the most part - the whole "Fox News" subject really strikes a chord with me. I cannot think of a more harmful organization to our democracy than Fox News. A corporate terrorist cell within our own borders.

Now think about this... I tried to explain to my friend that Fox News is not even an American company! Murdock is Australian and his largest investor is Saudi. He wouldn't hear of it. "No effin' way!!", he said.

Well... read 'em and weep: Saudi billionaire eyes new links with News Corp

CAIRO – The Saudi billionaire whose investment firm is one of the biggest
stakeholders in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. said he is looking to expand his
alliances with the media giant, in the latest indication that his appetite for
growth remains robust even as his company retrenches.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king and who was
listed last year by Forbes as the world's 22nd richest person, met with News
Corp.'s chief executive Rupert Murdoch on Jan. 14 in a meeting that "touched
upon future potential alliances with News Corp.," according to a statement
released by his Kingdom Holding Co. late Saturday.

Kingdom Holding's statement said Alwaleed is already the second largest
stakeholder in News Corp., with 5.7 percent of the shares of the media company.
The stake is held through Kingdom Holding, in which Alwaleed holds a 95 percent

OK - so the facts are the facts but the fingers in the ears Repugs are in deep denial.

How about some Paul Krugman standing up to Roger (Jabba the Hut) Ailes on ABC?

via FDL

And with the latest ruling from the SCROTUS.. Ailes and Alwaleed bin Talal will have even more power over our electoral process.

OUTLAW Fox News now. Just do it.


  1. I'm with you, friend.

    But . . . you gotta get a better neighborhood (or some new friends).

    There is no reason that ignorant as*holes should raise your blood pressure.

    You rock and I'm sure your argument to him was perfectly well reasoned.

    And thanks for the facts on the Saudi owners. Now, if only we could expose their coverage of all issues as only intended to avert the public's eyes from reality.


    I cannot think of a more harmful organization to our democracy than Fox News. A corporate terrorist cell within our own borders.

  2. Thanks Suzan, you are too kind as usual.

    I'm kinda stuck here, kids have a great school and I'm so far underwater on the mortgage I have to take a submarine to pay the taxes. It's not so bad, I do have liberal friends who scoop me out of here from time to time and as long as my conservative friends walk over to visit me we usually have good times.

    Fox News is a serious problem. I really don't have a clue how to combat them, but someone has to. Media Matters does a good job of exposing them but then no-one gets to see it except us!