Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How About We Shrink Down the Size of "Real America ®" Until We Can Drown It In a Bathtub?

I am really tired of not qualifying to be a "Real American ®". How long are we going to let this unrepresentative segment of maybe 10 - 15% of the population, most of whom have no Fucking idea what real america is - define a "Real American ®"?

Jon Stewart checks in

Let's take a closer look at "Real America" ®

Is this real America? -


Update: Come to think of it, this looks a lot like what goes on around here quite often!!


  1. John Stewart is becoming the Will Rogers of our time.

  2. Tim - I know!! I half-expect him to come out some night with a cowboy hat and lasso! But, as good as Jon is, he does not have that ear-to- ear grin, that just makes you feel good from the inside out, of Will Rogers. But he is so close!