Friday, June 18, 2010

Muddy Waters - Caledonia

I learned to play harmonica at 15. That is another story for another time. I have played with many bands over the years and even was studio harp on a rocking country gospel number - a real toe tapper, but, hey... I was published and on a CD. Prostitution - it's what's for entertainers. It's amazing what one does in the name of rock and roll. But she was so good even to have me at all. I am grateful.

Out to clubs at night, I used to "lurk" around the band when they took a break if they had a blues bone and no harp player - and offer my services. They would always look down the nose and I would say - have a listen. That changed everything - their eyes would get all big, the tone would become most reverential then they'd ask me my name, tell me they would call me up to the stage next set and as an aside - and almost invariably, ask me if I knew Caledonia. Just so happens I do....


  1. I love Muddy

    Thanks for the post

  2. Hi Tim - Muddy rocks. You play guitar don't you? Need a studio harp for background sometime? I won't hog the solo either...

  3. Yeah that would be cool. I love me the blues.

    My wife bought my a new guitar yesterday (my money)
    ouch...A Gretsch, awesome sound. Soon I hope to do some post as audio and video so I'll play some Muddy for you. I'll change it a little so I don't get sued....Ha. Get that old Harp cleaned up and ready..

  4. Tim - that would be great! I have three harps that are still playable - keys of C, G, and A. I play cross-harp for blues. Caledonia is in E so I play my A. That could stand for: play my ass off... love the blues. Do you have any mixing software? I could rig up a half decent mic, record my track in whatever format you need - .wav etc - and put it up on the FTP server so you could download it and finish the mix.

    I played last night for the neighbors, they are an easy crowd. Good thing, as I am still figuring out my harp in the neck brace with guitar trying to play Neil and Bob.

    I'm ready... lessgo!