Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Miss You Like it Was Yesterday

I've been feeling a little crippled inside my self these days.

Stop The War(s)

This one is dedicated to ConservaDems everywhere (oh, and our current caver-in-chief)


  1. Keep up the good fight, sweetie!

    How do you like the fact that those of us who have called Obama on his caving in to 'thugs are now the problem?

    I've been careful to go over the costs and much larger problems that arise from his "solutions" and yet have gotten nothing but chat about how we've got to go along so those who are losing benefits don't lose more.

    I lost all mine years ago and don't remember anyone else caring about my lack of spending status. Millions of people lost their good, solid jobs then due to outsourcing, and where were those programs?

    But that's personal, isn't it? And somehow if it's really personal, it doesn't count. We must take another one for the team (and notice the large group that is taking all of us for a very long ride and raking in all we give - as usual).

    What's really personal actually is watching your world go up in flames and being told that you need to put out other people's relatively small fires before the big ones wipe out everyone.

    Thanks for running the Lennon/Oko mementos.

    Makes it a little bit better somehow.


  2. Hi Suze, good to see you. I've had a lot of the fight taken out of me lately - the news is just so depressing. I haven't even been able to get into the Zappadan spirit.

    I actually taught computer skills in the 90's to displaced textile/shoe/leather/manufacturing workers through a voc-rehab program after most of Maine lost it's manufacturing base when the Big Dog signed NAFTA. I watched these folk go from a 40K a year job in manufacturing to some admin. job at minimum wage that required they know MS Word. Talk about depressing. I watched the middle class go away along with the fishing industry after the factory trawlers took much of the migratory catch before they can even reach the Gulf of Maine.

    Corporate greed supported by a corrupt media machine are having their way with us right now. The president seems to be no help. That's probably the worst cut of all. We worked so hard to change the course of this country with pretty much nothing to show for it.

    I blame money in politics and the right-wing media. We talk about spineless dems but why are they spineless? The right-wing media/money machine will either take them apart in front of their constituents or not finance their extremely expensive re-election campaigns. We've known this for years but nothing seems to come of it and the conditions get worse every year.

    Well... that's enough of that!

    More later - Mark

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