Friday, February 5, 2010

Dems I Like and... There is No Such Thing as the Center

I was having a conversation (winning a discussion) with one of my "independent" friends and after he could not find a credible piece of evidence to overcome my reasoned logic of why there is no center, only right and wrong - he resorts to the time-tested, omniscient, all-powerful ender of all political arguments... "They're all the same".

So... I reeled off three Dems that are definitely different from their Republican counterparts... and threw in Bernie Sanders for good measure.

I refuse to be drawn into the black hole of political corruption sameness between the parties. Sure, there are enough corrupt politicians to go around for both parties but there is a definite difference. Commit these to memory for your next "independent" discussion.

Al Franken, Alan Grayson and Anthony Weiner.
And if you have more, please add them in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. Dennis Kucinich, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Peter DeFazio, Marcy Kaptur, Henry Waxman, Robert Wexler, Mel Watt, Louise Slaughter, Pete Stark, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Ed Markey, George Miller, Jerrold Nadler, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, Maxine Waters, Jim McDermott, Pete Stark, Elijah Cummings, Carolyn Maloney, the Udall boys, Sherrod Brown, Maria Cantwell, Elijah Cummings, Jeff Merkley and many others depending on standards.

    Just a few that are certainly on a team with which we can feel comfortable almost all of the time.



  2. Thanks Suzan! I love this.

    I know of a lot of these folk, but just couldn't bring them to mind. Dennis Kucinich especially. Geeze, sometimes I think I may be suffering from a little pre-alzheimers...

    I need to get this out to my small following who desperately need watercooler ammunition. I think I'll do a little background piece on three at a time.

    Thanks again! You're the best! -g

  3. And 'ol Pete Stark, the only self identified atheist in congress.

  4. Ahh! Thanks pygalgia! Excellent! I find that having a list of good pols with achevements in my memory really helps diffuse the independent argument or sameness.