Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fox News Feeling the Heat

If this doesn't get the 40 Million Fox News viewer's attention, nothing will. When (if) this hits the mainstream all the patriotic messaging will be proved propaganda and the viewer's loyalty more a sign of illness than love of country.

From Think Progress

"Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a 7 percent stake in News Corp — the parent company of Fox News — making him the largest shareholder outside the family of News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch. Alwaleed has grown close with the Murdoch enterprise, recently endorsing James Murdoch to succeed his father and creating a content-sharing agreement with Fox News for his own media conglomerate, Rotana."

The Wing-Nut Daily has noticed... how long before the 'baggers' take note? But, there is a serious problem. Fox News has just moved in with Sarah Palin giving her the platform she needs for propagandizing and a possible 2012 run. Can't bite that hand. What's a bagger to do?

"Last weekend, at the right-wing Constitutional Coalition’s annual
in St. Louis, Joseph Farah, publisher of the far right
WorldNetDaily, blasted Fox News for its relationship with Alwaleed. Farah noted
correctly that Alwaleed had boasted in the past about forcing Fox News to change its content relating to its coverage of riots in Paris, and warned that such foreign ownership of American media is “really dangerous.”

If I remember right, isn't Rupurt Murdock Australian? Is that not a foreign country? How many Fox viewers are aware of that little nugget? the “rare” interview Alwaleed gave last month, [with Neil Cavuto] he reaffirmed his “alliance” with the Murdoch family and told Cavuto why he has a personal stake in influencing American politics:
– On continuing America’s dependence on
fossil fuels, Saudia Arabian oil: “Saudi Arabia’s strategic alliance with the
United States will continue and as a derivative of that, the link with the oil
between oil and dollars is there. The bulk of our GDP, the bulk of budget comes
from oil and oil is still a dollar based commodity.” As Media Matters has documented,
Fox News is a reliable source of misinformation on clean energy, and has aggressively attacked efforts to move America away from a fossil fuel
dependent economy

– On opposing financial reforms, bank responsibility
fee: “In a way I’m conflicted because I’m invested in Citigroup but at the more
global picture, I’m a big supporter of the United States. I believe taxing the
banks right now is not the right thing at all. It’s like you have a patient
coming out of an ICU.” Alwaleed owns a $4.3 billion dollars stake in Citigroup,
a massive bank that spent millions lobbying against financial reform last year.

This comes as no surprise to me. I have been aware of this unholy alliance, as have most of us in the reality-based community, for some time. Now, how to leverage this information to get this scum out of our politics for good. Fox News has never had the US best interests at heart, only the bottom line. The damage done has been extensive. Let's hope it's repairable before this crap hits the fan:

With the Citizens United Supreme Court decision essentially freeing
corporations to spend unlimited amounts in campaigns, theoretically Alwaleed can
pressure the American corporations he owns stock in to spend
millions — or even billions
— of dollars attacking candidates he opposes. In
addition to his powerful Fox News outlet, Alwaleed and other foreign investors
have potentially unprecedented power to impact American elections.

OK Newsers... time to step up and REALLY care about your country. It's going to be hard to wean yourselves away from Papa O'Reilly and crazy Glenn.. but you can do it! Check into Randi Rhodes' Republican Rehab if you can't quit on your own. You'll thank us for it.

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